Facial transformations

Transforming facial features using make up for highlights and shadowing, skin tone and texture, spots and freckles, scars and blemishes, wigs and artificial facial hair, colored contact lenses, custom made false teeth and small prosthetics.

Character design

Creating characters which blend in the crowd without raising suspicion using clothes and costumes, hats, eye-glasses and other props including pregnant bellies, beer bellies, splints, walking sticks etc.

Casualty effects

Utilizing casualty effects for training of medical staff, rescue teams and fire brigades. From free-hand cuts and bruises to application of pre-made tattoo stickers and 3D effects.

Staging crime scenes

Preparing and staging crime scene for the purpose of training forensic and police personnel. Basing the outcome on a script and arranging the scene to its finest detail including shattered glass, blood patterns, simulated casualties etc.

Prop making

Making prosthetic limbs, toy weapons, head pieces and costumes for training purposes, creative concealments etc.

Training make-up artists

Teaching professional make-up artists to adapt their art to the needs of security and police services.

Setting up make-up studios

Designing make-up studios for professional work with the full equipment required for undercover tasks.

Talks and lectures about the art of surveillance

Sharing past experiences and vast knowledge of surveillance work utilizing unorthodox methods.

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