Interface-FX offers hands-on consultancy services in integrating make-up and disguise techniques in order to train police personnel and forensic investigators, protect and maintain the safety of field officers and improve performances.


Dubi Preger – CEO and founder of Interface-FX is a former military Captain in the Rescue Unit of The Israeli Defense Forces, honorably discharged after 4 years of service, during which he took part in the war in South Lebanon and Gaza Strip. He was trained in the use of a variety of military weapons including rifles, machine guns and tanks.

Following his service, he was assigned to be a team leader at the counter-terror unit, serving to defend civilians from suicide bombers and knife attacks. As part of this position he underwent professional training in the usage of a variety of firearms as well as unarmed combat (“Krav Maga”).

He was then recruited to the Israeli Police and joined the under-cover detectives team, where he specialized in surveillance and tracking on both criminal and nationalistic background. It was at that time he became familiar with the use of professional make-up and disguise techniques for policing purposes.

Preger acquired a BA (Hons) degree in Make-up for the Performing Arts at London College of Fashion and has worked in his field for movies and theatre productions. Over the years he has won several prestige international awards in body art competitions and became a popular international instructor sharing his knowledge of theatrical make-up and special effects with make-up artists around the world.


Preger has been working as the make-up and disguise expert for The Israeli Police, The IDF, Emergency Services (Red Star of David), United Hatzalah, Fire Departments, Intelligence Security Service and other high-profile government organizations, utilizing his vast knowledge of make-up and his wide experience in security and police work to carry out special tasks. His work ranges from identity transformation to large scale rescue drills, airlifted emergency evacuations, crime scene staging and other forms of training.

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